New Release!!! -- "Is It The Way?"

New Release!!! -- "Is It The Way?"

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Song Description

"Is it the Way?" was created as a metaphor of the passion between human relationship and a pure God relationship. It is a song that deals with real issues of people being torn between two passions. I think in todays so called Christian music we have in some sense forgotten how to relate to people on their personal issues. If all my songs talk about being pure and holy, which is important, what about the guy who does not know God and his marriage is about to end and he’s searching for the words to tell his wife what she means to him? What is wrong with creating a song that helps that situation and restores some romance? Nothing at all!!! I am here to revolutionize the music industry and sing and talk about what others will not!!! My goal is for my music to really touch all types of people … and the lyrics and music arrangement will show just that ... (Antwan L)

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